Veteran's Park

Names that appear in the War Memorial:

Anderson, Clinton
Anderson, Darrell
Anderson, Harold Jr.
Anderson, Harold Sr.
Anderson, James C. Jr.
Anderson, James C. Sr.
Anderson, Jimmy
Anderson, W.O.
Archer, Johnny
Arnold, Jimmy
Arnold, Titus
Austin, Houston
Autry, Garner S. Jr.
Ayers, Fonzo J.

Bailey, Bud
Bailey, James E.
Bailey, Morris
Baker, Fred Sr.
Baker, Freddie Jr.
Ball, Alton
Ball, Baxley
Ballard, Jessie
Barn, Gerald T.
Barnett, Donald
Barnett, G.F.
Barnett, Thomas R.
Barrett, Robert
Barrett, Robert R.
Barrett, Samuel E.
Beniford, Clifford
Birton, Fate
Blevins, Harry W.
Blevins, Katherine Smith
Blevins, Richard
Bowden, Horace
Bowden, Millard
Bowls, Curtis Jr.
Boyd, Dwight A.
Bradley, Carroll
Bradley, Jack
Bradshaw, Billy J.
Bradshay, Theodore J.
Branum, Fletcher
Branum, Lee Belva
Brewer, William
Brockman, Ernest
Brown, Calvin
Bruce, Floyd
Bryant, Doug Jr.
Bryant, Larry
Bryant, R.L.
Bryant, Rudy
Bryant, William J.
Busby, Elmer
Butler, Milton
Butler, William
Bynum, John A.
Bynum, John M.

Callis, Lasco
Calvert, Fletcher J.
Calvert, James E.
Campbell, George W.
Cardwell, V.R.
Cardwell, William B.
Carr, William J.
Carter, Harold
Carter, J.W.
Clark, James
Clement, Thomas Sr.
Clemons, Billy R.
Cobb, Clair
Cobb, J.D.
Cobb, J.W.
Cobb, James T.
Cobb, Lewis L.
Cobb, Michael
Cobb, Philip
Cobb, Russell
Cobb, S.C.
Cobb, Warren
Coleman, Horace A.
Coleman, Mike
Coleman, U.F. Jr.
Comer, Eddie B.
Conger, Herndon J.
Conley, John Jr.
Conner, Danny
Cooper, Leo
Cooper, M.C.
Coveter, O.L.
Cox, Guynn H.
Cox, Gyndol E.
Cox, Kelly
Cox, Palmer

David, Steven
Davis, Albert W.
Dennis, Elton J.
Dennis, L.Z.
Dixon, Donald D.
Dixon, Robert
Dubose, Queen Parker

Edens, Herman
Ellis, Lawrence E.
Epperson, Layne
Epperson, Thurman

Farmer, James Jr.
Finnell, Earl
Finnell, Luther J.
Flanakin, Samuel
Fleming, Grady
Fore, Charles L.
Fore, James Walter
Fore, James William
Foster, Joe R. Jr.
Foster, Johnnie
Foster, Leroy
Foster, W.F. (Bill) Jr.
Foster, W.F. Sr.
French, Carl Jr.
French, Finos C.
French, Jack
French, Tennie
French, Walter

Gammel, Herman D.
Garrity, Harriett A. Walthall
Gibbs, Billy
Gibbs, Oliver Sr.
Glover, Charles
Glover, James L.
Goff, Glen
Good, Lloyd R.
Gray, Walter
Green, Arthur
Griffin, Bobby R.
Griffin, Edgar
Griffin, Eugene F.
Griffin, Henry C.
Griffin, L.E.
Griffin, M.D.
Griffin, Norman
Griffin, William
Grisham, Kenneth
Grist, Joe S.
Gross, James H.

Hankins, Frank Steve
Harper, Cecil
Harper, Willie J.
Harris, Arthur Jr.
Harris, Billy J.
Harris, Carl D.
Harris, Curtis
Harris, George
Harris, James M.
Harris, James M.
Harris, Robert L.
Harris, Rufus
Harris, Thomas L.
Harris, Wilson
Harrison, James
Harrison, James J.
Harrison, Pamela L.
Harrison, Theo
Hart, Vic Jr.
Hayes, James W.
Hayley, Harry B.
Henry, Laura L. Petray
Herrin, Charles W.
Herrin, Sam
Hester, Henry
Hester, Homer
Hickman, Gerald
Higgins, Will
Hill, Billy J.
Hilliard, Elmbert
Hilliard, Gerald
Hilliard, Harold
Hilliard, Milton
Hilliard, William O.
Hobson, Woody
Holladay, Bobby G.
Holland, U.E.
Howell, Carroll
Howell, Claude
Huggins, Winfrey
Hughes, Pat
Hunter, Thad
Huskey, Barry

Ingram, Alex Jr.
Ingram, Fred
Ingram, William
Irving, Arthur Leon
Irving, Gerry L.
Irving, Glenn A.

Keo Veteran's Park

Donations from individuals beginning July 2001 were made to the City of Keo in an effort to purchase land on the corner of Pine Street and Hwy 232.  In 2004 the City was given property from the estate of Russell Cobb, a former resident.  This enabled the final plans for the Park.  Mr Cobb requested that all names be placed on monuments at no charge to the Veterans.  Dr. Cobb's gift had been greatly appreciated by all.  Also in 2004, the first American Flag flown at the Park was the burial flag of local WWII Veteran Harold Anderson  The Anderson family loaned it to the City of Keo for one year.  It was truly an honor for the Veterans Park to fly this flag.

Today, many WWI Veterans have their picture in City Hall thanks to a former Postmaster, W.F. Waller.  During the war years, he collected pictures of all young men entering service and placed their pictures in a large framed shadowbox.  If a Veteran was killed in action or died after that war, Mr Waller would place a gold star on that Veteran's picture.  Years later the picture box was placed in City Hall.

The original Park Committee consisted of George Waller, a World War II Veteran, Mary Caldwell, Edward Morris, Joanne Oliver, Glo Stachurski and Mr Ernest Justice.  They worked with the City to develop plans and rules for the acceptance. Architect Bob Schelle, of Cabot, offered to design the Park at no expense.  He spent many hours working with the City and Park Committee on the plans.  The chosen bid presented to the to build the park was submitted by Morgan Construction Company of England, AR.  In May of 2004, the beautiful Park was dedicated with an Honor Guard from the Little Rock Airforce Base and a local Veteran, Lindy Fore, was the speaker.  Over 250 people attended the event.
New Monument with 37 additional names of our Honored Veterans.

“May God bless all those who serve and have served in the military forces of our great nation. Many have given their lives to defend and preserve our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the free exercise of those rights. It is to them that this Veteran’s Park is dedicated."
Ernest Justice, Author.


Jackson, Ralph
James, Lilburn
Jeans, Herman
Johnsey, Lonzo
Johnson, James K.
Johnson, Pete
Jones, Dorman
Jones, Merlin
Jordan, Charley B.
Jordan, William P.
Justice, Ernest D.

King, William E.
Kopff, Mary Conger

Lanehart, Henry Jr.
Langston, Kevin
Langston, Nathaniel
Lemons, Jefferell
Lewis, John W.
Loyd, Jimmie D.
Lynn, Bobby Jr.
Lynn, D.L.
Lynn, Daniel L.
Lynn, Jimmie Jr.
Lynn, Ruth

Magness, Walter
Magness, Walter L.
Mallory, Hilliard
Martin, Early
Martin, Esker
Martiness, Emett
Maupin, T.C.
Mayo, Cletus T.
McCarver, Bobby L.
McGhee, Sammy
Meador, Raymond
Melkovitz, Cleo
Mills, Monroe
Minton, Ernest
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Edmond
Mobbs, Everette Lee
Mobbs, Lee T.
Monroe, Arthur W.
Monroe, Dorothy L. French
Moody, James
Moody, Julis
Morgan, George
Morris, Robert W.
Morris, William N.
Morton, Dewane
Morton, James
Morton, Minor

Neal, Hiram
Nute, I.H.
Nute, Kenneth
Nute, Robert

Oliver, Anthony

Park, Betty Griffin
Parker, Calvin
Parker, George Jr.
Parker, Herbert
Parker, Louis
Parker, Lovell
Parks, Richard
Patterson, Pilot
Patton, Tim
Payne, Arthur
Peeks, Sylvanis
Petray, James C.
Petray, Kenneth E.
Petray, Melbourn R.
Petray, William J. Sr.
Petty, Adres
Phillips, Loy V.
Phillips, Royce
Pierce, Orlando
Poole, George
Powell, Galen
Preston, William
Priest, Murlin
Prince, Herman D.
Prince, L.M.
Pye, Jerry

Rainey, L.D.
Randall, Elliott
Reed, Barbara Rhodes
Reed, Jennie L. Conger
Reynolds, Lee
Rice, William Alfred
Richey, Clarence T.
Roberts, Leon
Rodgers, Jim
Rodgers, John B.
Romine, Bobby H.

Sandage, Earl
Sandage, William
Self, Robert H.
Self, Robert W.
Sentell, James T.
Shaw, A.G.
Shaw, John C.
Sims, Harold
Sisco, David K.
Skaggs, Billy Joe
Smith, Billy
Smith, Elmer Lee
Smith, Harold
Smith, Henry P.
Smith, James H.
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Roy H.
Stachurski, Gerald F.
Staggs, Charles E.
Staggs, Morella
Starling, Shorty
Stewart, Ezra K.
Story, Kenneth E.
Summons, Albert

Taylor, Hershel
Tharp, Silas
Thomas, Dewey
Thomas, T.J.
Thompson, Joel L.
Thompson, Kenneth
Thurman, Joe
Tidwell, Emily Neal
Tuck, Charles W.
Tull, James
Tull, Lemuel H.
Turner, Curtis

Vaught, John M.
Vaught, Mark

Wade, Russell
Wade, S. Pittman
Wade, Vaughn
Waller, G.E. II
Waller, George E.
Waller, R.A.
Ward, Garner
Watts, Richard
Watts, Robert C.
Weaver, Daniel E.
Weaver, J.T.
Weaver, James W.
Weaver, Jeffrey A.
Weaver, William O.
Wesley, Charles R.
Wesley, Joe
Wesley, Sam
Westerman, Donald
Westerman, Robert L.
Whillington, Harold P.
White, Ian S.
White, Stephanie E. Dunar
Whitfield, Merlin R.
Wiley, Wallace Lee
Wilkins, Ed
Williams, Bill
Williams, Don
Williams, Doyne
Williams, Everett
Williams, Everett, Jr.
Williams, Ray
Williams, Russell
Williams, Woodrow
Wilson, E.D.
Wimberly, Ned
Wood, Allen
Wood, Bernus
Wood, Ronnie
Woods, Jonas
Woods, L.B.
Woods, Wayne

Zigler, Burniss W.